Since I never post much, I’ve decided to make a silly animation for practice in ToonBoom (which I DO NOT LIKE, at least for now). It’s Terezi running, kinda leaping I guess??? I have to practise animation >_>’

hello dudes and dudettes, today I bring you a sketch of a spider8itch.

HOMESTUCK *rips off shirt to reveal a terezi t shirt underneath*

THAT’S NOT HOW it works dUmmyimage

jade <3

Design I made for the Homestuck contest uwu !!

You don’t know how happy I was when I found out the contest hadn’t ended yet. I decided to submit something, even if it’s a bit rushed mainly because I was under the stress of it being 11 pm here when I opened photoshop.

this one’s part of a photoset i planned


Drawing HS girls is such a good remedy for art-blocks